Is The Condo Lifestyle Right for You?

Are you looking forward to investing in your first condo? We are sure you have done your research and are ready to experience it for yourself. Yes, your condo purchase is definitely a great investment for the future. And this urban lifestyle also comes with its own set of perks.

With so many condo developments hitting the market, today you have a lot of options.
Start by deciding if a condo is the right option for your style. And here are the top six ways to tell if you are ready for the urban condo lifestyle.

1: You love the price that meets your budget
Like any other real estate purchase, condos are an investment for the future. This means your price and the property’s features have to align just right to make it work. Whether you are a first-time home-owner, an investor or someone looking to downsize, Once you figure out how much you are willing to invest, you’ll get a better idea of what is available to you. Do note, that prices could vary on the location of your condo and you may also need to budget for monthly condo fees.

2: You love the social environment
When you move into a condo, you will share the amenities with hundreds of other residents. With the energy that prevails, you never feel alone and this can make a condo the right choice for social folks. For some people, living in a social environment is a great perk and you will enjoy social interactions at any point in the day. Condo living is more than just investing in real estate. It is about adopting to a unique lifestyle, a spirit of camaraderie, friendship and mutual support.

3: You are investing for the future
Be it for yourself or as a rental property that you can lease out, condos are definitely great investments. Here are a few ways to identify if a condo is a good investment. Besides looking at the state of the condo and the location, you also want to make sure that the condo fees are appropriate to the complex and the services they cover. Check out the history of other condo investments in the area that you’re looking. You can also talk to a condo expert like Platinum Condo Deals who can give you a good indication of which condos are a good investment.

4: You like to have the upkeep done for you
A big perk of condo living is that the daily maintenance and regular upkeep of the building are taken care of. So you can leave the lawn mower and the snow shovel behind! You can access the amenities you want though the range of services and facilities will vary depending on the type of building that you are investing into.

5: You get access to a host of amenities
When you own a condo, it gives you access to a lot of amenities that you would normally have to pay for all by yourself if you were living in a home. In addition to common facilities and services, you can also have access to specific things like a fitness centre, a swimming pool and others, depending on how much you are willing to invest.

6: You love the location
You will agree that a good location is very important when buying real estate. And when it comes to a condo purchase, the geographical location is only part of the equation. You also need to see if there are enough restaurants, shopping centre, local cafes, nature trails and transit access nearby as that’s what the urban condo lifestyle is all about. Today, this kind of living environment is actively sought after by many people, especially young professionals.

If you’re looking for a convenient, comfortable, and residence you can call home, condominiums are a great choice. To learn more about various Condominium options across the GTA, and preferred rates and 1st access to many premium properties, get in touch with us today.